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Persona Games

Playing through Persona 4G and will do P3P (already played FES), but these got me thinking

I’m able to play through them without guides and stuff and do just fine, but I also got and plan to play Persona and Persona 2: Innocent Sin. Should I be fine to go into them blind as well?
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Persona 5 Dub?

Ok we know the animation finally came out but when the hell are we getting a dub if we aren't i'm going to be so incredibly pissed off so if you hear anything about like a release date for dub or if it's confirmed to not get a dub please tell me cause this is driving me nuts and i want to hear your thoughts on it

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Is this place dead?
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Does Ren looks like Harry Potter?

My friends agreed that P5D Ren looks like Harry Potter... Is that true?
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Persona 3 Remake possibility

Do you think Atlus is going to make it real? Persona 3 is a pretty old game and Portable is not a good way to remake a game, it's just a port with much content cut and nothing really big added in (the feMC is not canon anyway and is pretty questionable)
So do you think the remake is possible and if it is what do you think it will be? Personally I think graphically it will be on P5 level, will feature new story details, better combat and no feMC -- she is too expansive to add in.
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"Shin: Megami Tensei II" question

Since I was hoping to play the orginal games of the series that never made it out of Japan, and I was wondering where can I download the second game since I already have the first one. It doesn't matter if it is a clean rom or a patched one, I just want to play the game.
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I'll miss you Personamaven

I'll miss you Personamaven. You were a great friend and even though I'm not ready to let you go, I guess this is what it must be. Hope you had fun here and here's some art:
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P5 Futaba art

So just want to say goodbye to everyone, I won’t be getting on here to post anymore. It’s been fun. I’ve loved seeing everyone’s comments. Phantomweeb and Adiliden, I will miss you both the most! Here’s some Futaba art I found special for all of you ❤️
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Catherine Full Body Box Art

Can't wait to get this game. When are we gonna get a date for the west? I'm still disappointed they didn't call her Qathrine. Every one else has a western name but not Rin? Does that bother anyone else?
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Should I buy Persona 4?

I've played Persona 5 and I am thinking about buying the Persona Dancing: Endless Night Collection but I am also buying Spyro, Just Cause 4 and Sekiro Shadows Die Twice. I found Persona 4 on PSN for $10, so it got me thinking about getting that as well, but I read some thing about that there might be a remastered version of Persona 4 coming, so should I wait or buy it now?
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Thanks for the edit!

Thank you Kunoichi101 for editing the song "Time Kitajoh Remix". I kept trying to make it look right, but instead I got weirdness. So thanks for making my crummy edit look better!
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Need help in SMT IV

I'm playing SMT IV and i got stuck at Medusa. I think my lvl is just too low to fight her but grinding takes so much time in this game that i don't know what to do. Any tips for leveling quickly?
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The real Summoning APP

Since I came in contact with the Megaten series I always wondered if (and this question is for those who believe in the supernatural and spirituality) an APP that simulates rituals could exist in our boring real world. Do you think its possible? There are many ways to summon demons in the real world but using an APP? By the way which demon would you summon?
Hope to hear your opinion.
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SMT Nocturne remake

So there has been talks about a SMT Nocturne remake in the works. I for one would be all over that. How do you feel about it? Do you think they are rehashing too many older titles?
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It's just weeb being weeb today

I had work study! Half of the time I was working I was on here reading through the same profiles....

I am not a good student employee.
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