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Ai Kurogami
PxD Manga - Ai Kurogami2
Japanese Name 黒神 愛
Romaji Kurogami Ai
First Appearance Persona x Detective Naoto

Ai Kurogami is a character in Persona x Detective Naoto.



Ai is a humanoid robot with short light hair and dark eyes. Matching her child-like appearance, she wears a collar with bow tie and a dark metal rabbit-eared headband. One of her body parts resembles a pink motorcycle.


Persona x Detective NaotoEdit

Ai is Sousei Kurogami's "sister" and works at Junes Department Store.


PxD Manga - Ai Kurogami
Ai as she appears in the manga adaptation


  • Ai is first female humanoid robot to have a last name other than her "brother".

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