Brutes Base Ajna DDS1

The Brutes Headquarters in Ajna artwork.

Ajna (アジュニャー?) is a sector of the Junkyard in the setting of Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner.


Ajna is the territory of the Brutes, and is home to the dungeon Brutes Base. The Embryon travel to Ajna through the Svadhisthana Waterways in order to defeat the Brutes' leader, Varin Omega, and become the one remaining tribe in the Junkyard. Upon arrival, they find that they remember the building that houses the Brutes Base as being Sera's home, although they know that this memory is impossible. Inside, the building changes its physical configuration when Serph interacts with three crystals: one red, one blue, and one green. After defeating the powerful demon in each configuration (Catoblepas in the red configuration, a massive Nidhoggr in the blue, and Isis in the green), a white crystal appears, allowing the building to assume its ultimate configuration and giving access to Varin Omega himself.

The Embryon press the attack, and defeat him in his Atma Avatar form, Ravana, with Sera's assistance. Afterward, Varin implies that Sera is not the ally of the Embryon, and that she has caused their deaths once already. Sera slips away, and the Embryon follow her to the Karma Temple at Sahasrara.

Later, Long of the Four Guardian Beasts appears in Ajna's red configuration. After Orochi is defeated, a hidden section of the Brutes Base's upper levels can be accessed through the Anahata Waterways; the Red Ring can be found here, and the uncommon demon Horus can be encountered here. Once the Four Guardian Beasts are defeated and the Red Ring is found, Metatron appears in Ajna's white configuration.



  • Revival Gem
  • Dekaja Rock
  • Magic Mirror
  • Theory Cell
  • Fusion Cell
  • Attack Mirror
  • Logic Cell
  • HP Noise x 2
  • Logic Cell
  • MP Noise x 2
  • Soma (behind a Yellow Wall)
  • Fusion Cell (behind a Red Wall)


  • Ajna, meaning "summoning" or "command" is the sixth primary Chakra in Tantric Hinduism.



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