Akira (アキラ, Akira) is a character in the Devil Children series of games.



Akira is a DemiKid, able to summon demons to do his bidding. His demon partner is a Rox named Gale and is considered to be of the Chaos-Dark alignment in the manga.

DemiKids: Light/Dark BookEdit

The protagonist of DemiKids Dark Version, after being saved by his demon partner Gale he sets off on a journey concerning the time rifts, leading Forlo to open a gate for him to enter Dem and meet Lucifer.

Devil Children: Ice BookEdit

Akira sets off to find out who is behind the demons and angels attacking in the human world and to save Amy after she's been captured by the angel Isaac.


Devil Children Ice Book
Devil Children Messiah Riser
Akira as he appears in DemiKids Dark
Akira subdued in DemiKids Dark
Akira angry in DemiKids Dark

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