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"Alone in this World" is a song in Persona 4: The Animation. It is played when Yukiko breaks out of her shadow's cage. The instrumental version plays during one of Yukiko's flashbacks.


Loneliness prevails (in my heart, hmm)
When I'm not alone (even in crowd)
Feel like a pet bird (confined)
I wanna be who I wanna be

My heart is aching (deep down inside)

I had enough of lying to myself (no more)
Sick of grasping for air (losing little faith)
So sick of my faintness

Oh, I just want to break away, far away
Flying above the sky, then passing by the moon
Saying goodbye to my past days and move on
I'm wishing on shooting stars

Wishing someday my world can look bright and shine
Say hello to tomorrow with expectation

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