Anahata DDS1

Official Art of the Solids Citadel.

Anahata (アナハタ?) is a sector of the Junkyard in Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner. Anahata is the territory of the Solids tribe, and is dominated by their fortress, the Solids' Citadel. An optional dungeon, the Samsara Tunnels, eventually becomes accessible through the Citadel.


After defeating Harley and absorbing the Vanguards tribe, the Embryon form an alliance with the Jinana, leader of the Maribel, in order to muster the manpower needed to take on the Solids. The Maribel stage a frontal attack on the Citadel while Serph and his companions infiltrate the Citadel's battlements. However, the Embryon are detected, and are dropped into the Citadel's perception-warping lower levels. Although they manage to ascend to the chamber of the Solids' leader, Mick the Slug, they learn from an enemy Turdak that the Embryon and Maribel were betrayed to the Solids by Jinana's lieutenant, Bat. They attempt to find and warn Jinana, only to find her succumbing to her demonic hunger, as she has never devoured anyone. Argilla tries to reach through Jinana's madness, but the Maribel leader is beyond the point of rationality. She attacks the Embryon in her Atma Avatar form, Usas, and they are forced to kill her in self-defense.

Later, after Ravana is defeated in Ajna and a Blue Key is obtained in Svadhisthana, the entrance to the Samsara Tunnels is accessible. This underground area leads to the dragon Orochi, and past him, to a hidden area of Ajna. Later still, once the Embryon have reached the top of the Karma Temple, Gui Xian of the Four Elemental Beasts can be found in the Solids' Citadel. Additionally, if playing the game from a cleared game save, a new optional boss can be found in the Solids' Citadel's fog-shrouded lower levels: The Demi-fiend.


Solids' CitadelEdit


Solids' CitadelEdit

  • Dark Veil x 2
  • Shock Bomb x 2
  • Blast x 2
  • Wind Wall x 3
  • Bolt Wall x 3
  • Moldy Roll x 3
  • Dis-Mute x 2
  • Chakra Drop x 3
  • Dis-Stun x 3
  • Error Cell
  • Revival Gem
  • Medical Kit
  • Dis-Poison x 2
  • Code Cell
  • Revival Gem
  • Active Cell
  • Vital Noise
  • Code Cell
  • Brave Ration
  • Soma Drop
  • Revival Gem
  • Magic Noise (behind a Blue Wall)
  • Iron Shot (behind a Yellow Wall)

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