Ancestor Personas are Personas made from the spirits of the protagonist's ancestors. However, as the only ones shown are Junnosuke Kuroda, Maihime Amano, and Tatsunoshin Suou, who were created from false rumors twisting history in Persona 2, where Persona were more like spirits and not reflections of the mind it is possible that they can no longer exist.


Persona 2: Eternal Punishment

Getting them involves a subquest that spans much of the length of the game, with steps that are very easy to miss. You have to do the whole thing to get all three ancestors on your team, but if you skip Step 1 you can still get Suou and Aimano, and if you skip Step 4 you can still get Kuroda and Suou. Here's how the whole thing goes:

    1. Donate 10,000 Yen to the Kuroda shrine on the Mt. Mifune trail. This step is necessary only to get Kuroda.
    2. After getting either Nate or Ellen in your party, visit Kismet Publishing and talk to Mizuno in her office. When she asks you a question, tell her "No."
    3. After completing the Torifune dungeon, go back to Mizuno's office and talk to Jun's father Kashihara. He'll tell you a rumor about the origins of the New World Order in feudal Japan. Spread the rumor.
    4. Find Setsu Nishitani for the Shiraishi lady. Setsu is the old woman at the Araya Shrine. After getting your reward, talk to Setsu again, and she'll tell you a rumor about the girlfriend of the guy in Kashihara's rumor. Spread the rumor. This step is necessary only to get Aimano.
    5. In Sumaru Castle, Amano's mummy is in the Room of Princess on the 3rd floor. Talk to her.
    6. Suou's mummy is in the Room of Warrior on the 7th floor, and if you donated to Kuroda's shrine earlier on, his ghost will also be hanging around. Talk to them.
    7. Summon your personae in the Velvet Room. Phew!

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