Anna Yoshizaka is a character from Persona 2. She is a former athlete at Seven Sisters High School and is an acquaintance of Tatsuya Suou.



Persona 2Edit

Innocent SinEdit

"A dropout from Seven Sisters High. Currently dissolute, but she was star of the track team before her accident."
—Her introduction, Persona 2: Innocent Sin

Anna was once a star athlete at Seven Sisters High School. However, she was injured in a hit and run accident by Daisuke Kaneda, which dashed all her dreams of athletics stardom. She became depressed, gained an anti-social attitude and began skipping school to smoke and drink at Club Zodiac, eventually dropping out entirely as she saw no point in attending when she had nothing more to work towards. It is later discovered that Anna was Lady Scorpio, one of the Masked Executives who led the Masked Circle, despite being the only member in the group to have never asked for her ideal to be granted by Joker.

If the player chooses to force Yukino Mayuzumi to accompany the party to Caracol, Yukino will be there to counteract her Shadow Self and Anna will ultimately assist Yukino in the fight. Later Anna promises to take care of Yukino once the latter transfers her Persona ability to Jun Kurosu. If the player leaves Yukino behind, Anna will be manipulated by Shadow Yukino and the two will attack the party. After their defeat, Shadow Yukino kisses Anna, and they both jump from the bridge to their implied demise. Anna wields the Reverse Persona Aeshma in battle.

If Anna survives the events of the Caracol, she and Yukino are mentioned to battle the Last Battalion gathered in Sumaru City (now raised into the sky as Xibalba) while the main party gathers the Crystal Skulls.

Eternal PunishmentEdit

"Student of 3-B. She doesn't look it now, but before the accident, she was a star track athlete."
—Her introduction, Persona 2: Eternal Punishment

Anna was once a star athlete at Sevens Sisters High School. When she is injured in an accident and begin cutting school, her dreams ruined, she is falsely accused of using the "JOKER curse" on the person who hit her. When Principal Hanya dies, she is an obvious suspect, as the party hears her mutter that she would kill someone after Hanya harshly accused her of that murder.

Later in the game, her underclassmen, Noriko Katayama, is found to have used the JOKER curse twice (she is the one who had killed both Hanya and the man responsible for Anna's accident) and is kidnapped by the Taiwanese mafia Tien Tao Lien for that very reason. Anna asks Yukino for Maya's phone number and calls her party to help free the girl, giving them the tip-off about the mafia's location.

In Tatsuya's scenario, Anna is revealed to be close friends with the Tatsuya on This Side. She calls him and gives him a lead on Shiori Miyashiro's investigation on the JOKER's activities, asking him to help her clear the misunderstanding so Shiori would leave her alone. However, she witnesses several acts in which she realizes there's something wrong with Tatsuya (the "something" being his possession by his Other Side self).

At the end of the scenario, she visits Shiori at the Nanjo Memorial Hospital, and passes along the message that the Tatsuya she knew was gone forever.


Innocent SinEdit

Lady Scorpio persona
Yukino is all I need...
Arcana Type Level HP Normal Drop Rare Drop
- Water 42 2274 ¥10,500 -
Traits No personality
Atk Def Matk Mdef
Strength --
Vitality --
Dexterity --
Agility --
Luck --
- - - -
Sw Rn Sk Th Hv Fi Wt Wi Er Ic El Nc Li Dk Al Nr Mn
- - - - - - - - - - - - Nu Nu - 24 Nu
List of Skills
Skill Effect
Aquadyne Deal high Water damage to one enemy.
Malaques Deal medium Water damage to an enemy group.
Mediarama Recover high HP for all allies.
Balzac Deal Almighty fury ailment to one enemy.
Mirage Deal Almighty illusion effect to all enemies.
Dark Malaques Deal high Water + Dark damage to all enemies. May Charm.


Lady scorpio
Anna in her role as Lady Scorpio. Brainwashed (left) and wearing the Masked Circle mask (right).
Anna Yoshizaka
Anna's portraits after being rescued by the team.
Lady Scorpio's portrait
Anna's unmasked portrait from Innocent Sin
Anna's sad portrait from Innocent Sin
Anna's portrait from Innocent Sin
Anna's portrait from Eternal Punishment
Anna's sad portrait from Eternal Punishment


  • The kanji of Anna's surname, Yoshizaka (吉栄), is the reverse of Eikichi's given name (栄吉). Also both characters share the same Zodiac sign, Scorpio. These are probably the reasons she is given the role of Lady Scorpio among the Masked Circle executives.
  • Anna seems to possess romantic feelings for toward Yukino Mayuzumi in Innocent Sin, and in the official novelization by Mie Takase, confesses "I love you, and am captive to your beautiful face." a reference to the Johann Wolfgang von Goethe poem Der Erlkönig.[1]

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