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Another Bible Second Form

Another Bible as it appears in Another Bible

Another Bible (アナザバイブル?) is the final boss of Another Bible.


The Holy Bible is the sacred book of the Christians, being comprised of the Old and New Testaments.



Another BibleEdit

The Holy Bible was guarded by the Angels of Earth, but was eventually stolen by Vivati, a creature from another world that was born from the dreams and thoughts of both man and demons, in order to avenge the death of his kind, who were wiped out by the Machines built by mankind who invaded his world in the past. He transformed the Holy Bible into a force of evil called Another Bible. Using it, he sought to drive the demons mad so that they would turn against mankind and wipe them out.

Another Bible must be defeated after beating Vivati in order to restore it to its original form. After its first form is defeated, Another Bible transforms into True Another Bible (真アナザバイブル?), which is a black orb floating above the bible. Upon defeat it reverts to its original form and the war between humans and demons comes to an end.


Another BibleEdit

Race Rank HP PP Move Power Might Magic Speed Luck
Jaten 66 66 66 0(Flight) 44 40 35 30 20
Weapon -
Natural Skills
Skill Effect
Havoc ?

Race Rank HP PP Move Power Might Magic Speed Luck
Discarnate Entity 99 99 0 0 (Flight) 60 45 45 30 25
Weapon -
Natural Skills
Skill Effect
Abyss ?


Another Bible 1st Form
Another Bible's first form

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