SMTxFE Outside of Anzu Store Tokyo

Anzu Tokyo Store

Anzu Tokyo Store is a location of Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE.


A fashion shop in Harajuku. Costumes that characters can wear for their entertainment activities can be found here, with alternate costumes for battle being available to purchase. Album covers and artwork of the entertainment characters can also be found here.


SMTxFE Inside of Anzu Store Tokyo
Inside of the store
SMTxFE Close up of Anzu Store Tokyo owner
Close up of the shop keeper
SMTxFE Kiria Reincarnation poster
Kiria's album cover
SMtxFE Unknown Character Poster
Poster of Toma as Masquerader
TMS Dream Catcher, featuring Eleonora and Tsubasa poster
Eleonora and Tsubasa's album cover
TMS Dream Catcher, featuring Yashiro and Kiria poster
Poster of Kiria and Yashiro
TMS Eleonora Yumizuru poster
Poster of Eleonora
TMS Microwave Idol Mamorin
Poster of Microwave Idol Mamorin
TMS Yashiro Tsurugi poster
Poster of Yashiro
TMS Fly, featuring Tsubasa poster
Tsubasa's album cover

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