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The Aoba Park is a location in Persona 2 in the Aoba District.



Innocent SinEdit

The party goes to Aoba Park after completing Giga Macho.

Eternal PunishmentEdit

Aoba Park is a dungeon that is visited twice during the game: Once after the Club Zodiac, and again after the SMILE Mall.

The dungeon is divided in 3 areas: South Side, Central Area, and North Side. The entrance is located in the South Side; the Rest Area (The goal for the first visit to the park), in the Central Area; and the Concert Hall (The goal for the second visit), in the North Side.

First VisitEdit

The team heads to the Rest Area to meet Sneak, who had contacted Katsuya. There, he tells the team that not only the police and mafia, but the media and other companies are being controlled by Tatsuzou Sudou's organization, the New World Order. He then asks the team to find evidence of this conspiracy and end it. For that, he gives two photographs of people that are investigating the NWO as well; a man and a woman.


A rumor can be gotten from a man in Aoba, right outside the park. He says that the flowers inside the park can talk. If spread, this rumor will unlock the puzzle, and allow the player to get an Akashic Ring, one of the rarest items in the game.

To get the ring, the player must answer the Dignified Purple Flower's question, "I am a Purple Dragon born in December. Which flower has good affinity with me?". The other flowers in the dungeon will give hints as to what the answer is. Here's what they say:

  • Blue Flower: I'm a Blue dragon, born in February. I'm compatible with Navy Blue Dragon, born in June. There are as many dragons as months.
  • Yellow-Green Flower: I'm a Gold Dragon, born in May. I'm compatible with Black Dragon born in September. Dragons depend on what month you were born.
  • Red Flower: Dragons...are divided into...4 types. So, there are 2 other dragons like you... You're compatible...if they're of the same nature. By the way...I'm a Red Dragon.
  • Yellow Flower: Yeah, that's right! I'm a Yellow Flower born in January. I don't care if I'm incompatible with the Silver Dragon, born in October! But my sister, one month younger, has good affinity with the Silver Dragon! Well, I have good affinity with the Gold Dragon, so there!
  • Orange Flower: I am a Moon Dragon, born in November. That is why I fell in love with a White Dragon, who was born in March...
  • Aqua-Blue Flower: I was born in July. Thus, I am a Light Dragon. I have bad affinity with the Red Dragon, who is one month younger. But, I have good affinity with my sister, 4 months younger. Well, I don't think about it too much.

And from this, we can figure out their affinities...

Month Dragon Good Affinity Bad Affinity
January YellowGoldSilver
February BlueNavy Blue-
March WhiteMoon-
April Scarlet--
May GoldBlack-
June Navy BlueBlue-
July LightWhiteRed
August Red-Light
September BlackGold-
October Silver-Yellow
November MoonWhiteJustice
December PurpleSilver-

...and the dragon groups:

  • Group 1: Blue, Navy Blue, Red
  • Group 2: Light, Moon, White
  • Group 3: Black, Gold, Yellow
  • Group 4: Silver, Purple, Red

Even though Scarlet and Red have no good affinities, we can see that Red is in Purple's group, as Scarlet is not an answer for the Dignified Purple Flower's question. Silver is not an answer either, so Red is the answer.


  • South: Accessory/White Bandana, Item/Miracle Soda
  • Central: Helm/Mechanical Helmet, Item/STR Incense, Item/VIT Incense, Item/Akashic Ring*
  • North: Item/TEC Incense, Item/Muscle Drink, Spell/Bersac Card


  • For the Akashic Ring, the puzzle mentioned above must be completed.


  • White boxes indicate Rare enemies.
  • Purple boxes indicate Bosses.

Eternal PunishmentEdit

Enemy LV HP Arcana Weak Strong Void Absorb Reflect Area
Jack Frost 18144LoversFire-WaterIce-All
Fearal 19152TemperanceShot, EarthSword, Attack---All
Pariker 20160MoonSword, HolyOther phys---All
Archangel 21168JudgementDark-Holy--All
Hel 22176Death--Holy, Dark--All
Faust 22276MagicianHoly-Dark--All
Gandharva 23184StarWater--Fire-All
Nata 38800JusticeLightning-Mind, Nerve--All
Captain Shimazu 422360Human--Mind, Nerve--Concert Hall
SAT 38912HumanSword, AttackMagic---Concert Hall


Treasure, enemy and puzzle info from FAQ/Walkthrough by Yushiro

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