This article is about the Shadow. For the Arcana, see Hermit Arcana.
Arcana Hermit boss

Arcana Hermit in Club Escapade in Persona 3.

Arcana Hermit is a boss in Persona 3. It is fought on the sixth Full Moon Operation on September 5th.



Persona 3Edit

During the Dark Hour on the sixth full moon (September 5th), the team identifies a shadow near Paulownia Mall, but Fuuka has trouble finding its exact location. Apart from that, Ken tells SEES that Junpei seems to be missing, Fuuka remarks that she doesn't detect him nearby, but by request of Ikutsuki does not try to search further.

The team goes to Paulownia Mall and Fuuka begins scanning the place and finds the shadow in the wiring room of Club Escapade, after Shinjiro remembers that Rise Kujikawa's gig in the club was canceled due to a malfunctioning power supply. The team heads out to confront and successfully defeat it.

Persona 3 FES The Journey Full Moon Boss Hermit Hard12:10

Persona 3 FES The Journey Full Moon Boss Hermit Hard

The boss fight.

The Arcana Hermit uses electrical skills, due to being hooked up to Club Escapade's wiring. It mainly relies on Electricity spells, sometimes backed by a Mind Charge, so keeping Elec-weak partners and Personas away is advisable. Its signature move, Giga Spark, requires three turns to charge, so it's best to hammer it on the first two turns and switch to defensive (and hopefully Elec-proof) Personas for the big hit.



The Hermit Arcana represents a person who is introspective, reclusive, seeks philosophical searches, and understands one's self. The dark side of the arcana is a person is unable to keep to oneself, has complete disregard and no respect for society and is inhumane. The latter can be seen in how the Arcana Hermit drains the energy of the mall (and perhaps the city in time) to increase its own power. It may also be reflected in its unnaturally long charge time for its Giga Spark attack, signifying that it does not realize its great vulnerability during this time.


Io in batlle
Io attacking Arcana Hermit
Polydeuces in battle
Polydeuces attacking Arcana Hermit
P3M concept artwork of Arcana Hermit
Arcana Hermit's Persona 3 The Movie concept design
P3M - Arcana Hermit
Arcana Hermit in Persona 3 The Movie
Arcana Hermit in the manga
Arcana Hermit being attacked by Shinjiro's Persona, Castor, whom Ken recognizes


  • In Persona 4, during the team's visit to Club Escapade, Rise mentioned a gig she went to at the club, was canceled due to a power failure. In Persona 3, Shinjiro mentions hearing the owner of Club Escapade complaining about the power outage and how he had to cancel "some big event," which suggests this might have been what had canceled Rise's gig.

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