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Ronde Asuka

Asuka Miroku as he appears in Ronde

Asuka Miroku (弥勒 飛鳥, Miroku Asuka) is the protagonist of Ronde.



From childhood, Asuka has received training in ancient Japanese martial arts (古武道) from his parents. He has a stiff and easily agitated personality. He is regularly accompanied by his pet dog, Joker (ジョーカー), who has red eyes and a sharp looking appearance.

At the beginning of the game, Asuka is nineteen years old. He visits an Aztec cultural exhibition at the Tokyo National Museum when a statue suddenly comes to life as the demon Moloch and abducts his younger brother, Satoshi Miroku. Joker transforms into a demon and along with Asuka's friends, Keita Matsumoto and Sakurako Saotome, comes to Asuka's aid in an attempt to rescue Satoshi.

Asuka possesses the ability of a conductor and eventually is able to make contracts with the Avian, Herald, Lady, Dragon, Genma, and Deity races. In battle, he uses swords.

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