Ayame summoning her demon

Ayame summoning Yato no Kami

Ayame (綾女) is a Devil Summoner that appears in Raidou Kuzunoha vs. The Lone Marebito.



Ayame is a mysterious, rude, and enigmatic woman who works for the Yatagarasu as a Devil Summoner. She first appears as an examiner of Nagi's skills as a Devil Summoner when she is ordered to fight the Dark Summoner who is stealing blades. When Raidou Kuzunoha the XIV attempts to interfere when Nagi is losing she points her gun at him, stating that she would defeat the summoner when Nagi fails, but Raidou is able to knock the gun from her hand and go to Nagi's aid. When the two work together in the second fight against the summoner she watches from afar alongside Gouto-Douji and tells Nagi she passed the test. For it was a test of Nagi's judgement and not skill like Nagi thought.

She knew both antagonists when she was a young girl, along with the other Devil Summoners who come to the Narumi Detective Agency aid when it was under attack by demons. Her demon Yato no Kami causes her to become more reptillian when she uses it, gaining scales and snake like eyes. She is able to defeat Abe Seimei's minion Parvati, her flock of Nandi using Yato, and Ouhan Kurabashi.


Ayame and Nae
Ayame and Tae Asakura
Ayame Reptillian
Ayame becoming a reptile
Ayame as a young woman
Ayame when she was younger

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