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Baton Touch

Anne using BATON TOUCH to give her turn to Ryuji.

Baton Touch is a battle mechanic in Persona 5.



Persona 5Edit

Baton Touch is unlocked per party member (combatant) when the protagonist builds up Cooperation with each of them at rank 1.

The Baton Touch command is made available after the player character has gained One More turn by scoring critical hit or exploiting enemy's weakness. When selected, the player will be asked to choose another party member who has already unlocked this ability to pass the turn to. The two then do a high five and the one receiving the turn have his/her attack and recovery power boosted for that turn.

When the player has initiated a Baton Touch sequence, the same ally who has already participated in that sequence is barred from receiving the turn again, preventing endless Baton Touch cycle.

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