Baton Touch

Ann using Baton Pass to give her turn to Ryuji.

Baton Pass (バトンタッチ, Baton Tatchi)? is a battle mechanic in Persona 5.



Persona 5Edit

Baton Pass is unlocked per party member (combatant) when the protagonist builds up the Confidant relationship with each of them at a certain rank.

The Baton Pass command is made available after the current active character has gained One More turn by scoring a critical hit or exploiting the enemy's weakness. When selected, the player will be asked to choose another party member who has already unlocked this ability to pass the turn to. The two then do a high five and the one receiving the turn has his/her attack and recovery power boosted for that turn.

When the player has initiated a Baton Pass sequence, the same ally who has already participated in that sequence is barred from receiving the turn again, preventing an endless Baton Pass cycle. However, allies can chain Baton Passes assuming they continuously exploit weaknesses or land critical attacks. Each successive Baton Pass increases the attack and recovery power until it maxes out on the third Baton Pass. Baton Pass does not affect the turn order, meaning a character can have two turns in a row without One More turn if they have another character's turn Baton Passed to them.

The Assist feature is able to automatically select allies with Baton Pass who have moves that can exploit the weakness of an enemy that's still standing.

Caroline and Justine are also able to perform a Baton Pass during their battle if they successfully exploit the party members' weaknesses or land a critical strike.

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