Beowulf LB 3

Beowulf as it appears in Last Bible III

Beowulf (ベーオウルフ) is a demon in the series.


Beowulf was the hero and main character in the epic poem of the same name. In this poem Beowulf is a Scandinavian hero that aids the king of the Danes by defeating the monster Grendel and its mother. Because of this merits he eventually becomes the king of the Geats. Fifty years later Beowulf goes to the battlefield once more and defeats a Dragon with the help of one of his soldiers, Wiglaf, but is fatally wounded and dies.



Last Bible IIIEdit

Level HP MP Attack Defense
38 500 154 100 40
Strength Endurance Intelligence Speed Luck
20 18 15 17 14
Equipment Can't equip Card Location Thirty Hyakumagumi
List of Skills
Recarm Makajamil
Dekusuja -

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