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Bianca in Maken X

Also known as... Berlinka, Bahlinka (Maken Shao)

Bianca is a character from Maken X . The daughter of Hakke Dal, she attempted to rebel against her father but contracted the Urad Virus in the process. As a result, she ended up in a psychiatric hospital in Istanbul, Turkey. Though she can no longer speak, she is needed to find the hideout of Dal.

Profile Edit

Height: 134 cm

Weight: 35 kg

Weapon: Hatchet

Hometown: Transylvania


  • Brainjack Rank: 1
  • EX Special: N/A
  • Life: 6
  • Power: 4
  • Speed: 4
  • Jump: Low

Bianca has immunity to some projectiles due to her skin being petrified. She is especially resistant to petrification attacks.

In Maken Shao her final attack is particularly useful due to its range and power. At 100% Synchronization she gains upgrades to HP and Power.

Gallery Edit

E4 2006-10-12 21-57-38h
Her in-game model
E4 2006-10-12 22-02-59h

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