Bien, known as the City in the Sky (天空の街ビエン?), is a dungeon in the series.



Megami TenseiEdit

Bien is the second dungeon in the game, and it is reached from the Valhalla Corridor after completing the Tower of Daedalus. It has been petrified by Medusa, and her shadow haunts the floating city. Medusa can petrify anyone who does not have the Statue of Tabasa, a relic that is also found in the area. Once Medusa is defeated, Bien returns to a normal town and, after obtaining the Tour Pass, Nakajima can use the area to fly between the Valhalla Corridor, the Mazurka Corridor, and Infini Palace. If the city is 'parked' in a different area, the city's guard at each location can summon the city to that area.

The strongest weapon in the game, the Hinokagutsuchi, is located here, but it cannot be obtained until Ruth's Bottle is acquired in the Rotting Sea of Flames.

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