Blademaster Devon (Fukenshi Ramrod) is a playable character from Maken X.



"One of the five-major Fukenshis. While investigating Mr. Meteor, he discovered Mr. Meteor was leading the terrorism in Europe. While investigating the E.U., he got in contact with Marguerite, wife of the union party leader, and fell in love with her. Marguerite soon was converted to Hakke by Mr. Meteor, who plans to annihilate Europe. After putting her husband in jail, she became the new party leader. To stop the increased terrorist activities conducted by the new leader, Ramrod tries to knock out Marguerite, but he can’t do it by himself, and is waiting for the arrival of Maken. "
—Devon's profile in Maken Shao

Prior to the game's storyline, Devon contacted the Hakke Marguerite and fell in love with her.

He appears in an underground club in Amsterdam, waiting for the Maken. Here he tells the Maken which Hakke he is in charge with subduing, noting that while he has fallen in love with her, his duties ultimately come first. The Maken has the choice of aiding him or not. Aiding him will allow the Maken to Brainjack him and encounter Hakke Marguerite in Vienna. Otherwise, he will attack the Maken to stop it from aiding the Hakke instead. Defeating him will allow him to be Brainjacked.

In Vienna, the Maken must use Devon as his knowledge is required to activate a password in order to enter the theatre where Hakke Marguerite awaits.


Name Stat
Brainjack Rank 4
EX Special Ice Blade
Life 4
Power 5
Speed 6
Jump Low
"Relies on slower, strong attacks. Has mastered the Ice Blade Attack."

All of Devon's attacks, despite being slow, have decent power and wide range, making him useful for crowd clearing. However the majority of his moveset contains a long cooldown; hence timing is important when using him. His Straight Line, Iai Matsykaze and Moonlight all have very similar ranges. However, due to Moonlight's impractical first attack, only Straight Line and Iai Matsykaze are needed, with the latter of the two being useful as a dash attack. Due to the lock-on feature, his Dragon Tail is near useless despite its speed and power. His EX Special Ice Blade, albeit slow moving, has infinite range until it hits a wall and also freezes enemies which can be useful with dealing with enemies in a straight line or in boss fights.


Side view of Devon's body without his coat
Blademasters Maken X Another
Devon as he appears in Maken X Another


  • During his initiation as a Fukenshi, Devon sacrificed his spinal cord.