Blademaster Fei Shan Lee (Fukenshi Lee Fei Shan) is a character in Maken X.



Age: 16
Occupation: Member of Nine-Sky-Circus
Height: 164 cm
Weight: 58 kg
Weapon: Steel fan
Hometown: Hong Kong, China
Brother: Fei Chao Lee
Father: Fei Shou Lee
Target: To be a Blademaster


"Born to the noble family of Fukenshi. By learning from her brother, Fei Shan is practicing to become an independent Fukenshi. As her juniors, one after another, pass the Fukenshi training and get duties, she, still a dependent Fukenshi at the Nine-Sky Circus Team, feels mortified and is looking for a chance to show off her abilities. She happened to know the Indian star Shaja, a Hakke who controls the Indians. Therefore, she is trying to knock out Shaja to take all the credit."
—Her profile in Maken Shao

She first appears in the slums of Hong Kong, briefly seen waiting in a dark room. The Maken will eventually reach a dead end, forcing it to meet Fei Shan Lee in her room at the end of a corridor. She will introduce herself to the Maken and reveal that her master, the Fukenshi Kati is waiting for the Maken to arrive in Moscow. She will also request its help in taking down the Hakke Shaja, the Bollywood star draining the soulds of the Indian populace with his songs.

The Maken has the option of assisting her or not. Choosing to do so will allow her to be Brainjacked. If the Maken refuses to help, she will wait in the room for Maken to reconsider. Should the Maken attack her, she becomes vulnerable to being Brainjacked, however the Maken no longer has the option to face Shaja.

If the Maken decides to help her, the Maken must use her in the Taj Mahal stage, as her knowledge is required for a password to open another path in a fork, which will lead to Shaja in the centre of the Taj Mahal.


Name Stat
Brainjack Rank 2
EX Special Dancing Fan
Life 3
Power 3
Speed 5
Jump Low
"Quick continuous attacks are a specialty. Bulletproof."
— Characteristics

Starts as the character with the lowest attack power, her moveset combined with her speed makes her a fairly balanced and easy-to-use character. She is useful early in the game, however players may be deterred from using her as her stats are only sub-par, even with full Synchronize Rate. However, she is one of the few characters that can block bullets with her guard, which also protects her from attacks behind and in front. This is especially useful when combined with her Souhazan move, which is fast, wide ranged and fairly powerful with little cooldown. Thus, players can switch from Guard to her Souhazan repeatedly, making her a capable counter-attacker.


The Maken in the form of Fei Shan Lee's Steel Fan
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Fei Shan Lee MXA
Fei Shan Lee as she appears in Maken X Another