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Blademaster Kitty 001
Also known as... Kati
Romaji Kati
First Appearance Maken X

Blademaster Kitty (Fukenshi Kati) is a playable character from Maken X.



  • Age: Unknown
  • Clan: Blademaster
  • Height: 174 cm
  • Weight: 64 kg
  • Weapon: Flamberge Rapier
  • Hometown: Moscow, Russia
  • Job: Head of the Chinese Circus



"The head of the Nine–Sky Circus, the practicing FUKENSHI’s hideout. Related to the FUKENSHI by blood, she received lessons to become a FUKENSHI. She is proud that FUKENSHI’s have kept the world order and she strongly believes that the destiny of humans is not determined by God nor Devil. To destroy Mr. Meteor, who attempts to control humans, she proposed the Maken project. She recommended her pupil, Lee Fei Chao., to activate Maken and to knock out Mr. Meteor, but the pupil couldn’t accomplish the mission. Moreover, Mr. Meteor’s henchman kidnapped the Chief. The head of the Nine-Sky Circus now regrets having recommended Fei Chao."
—Kitty's profile in Maken Shao



Maken x 009
E4 2006-10-12 21-51-13h
E4 2006-10-12 21-50-28h


  • It is unknown what body part she had sacrificed during her Fukenshi ceremony. It is speculated she may have been a former male who sacrificed her genitalia due to the lack of noticeable metallic, physical prosthetics, or scarring on all the noticeable portions of her body.

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