Blademaster Tyrus (Fukenshi Baldelaire) is a playable character from Maken X.



  • Age: 40
  • Job: Journalist


"The Fukenshi who is the half brother of Kei's mother. While investigating Mr. Meteor, he found out that he was the one responsible for the drugged water in Lyon. He became a journalist to trace back the drugs and used the information network of an anti-goverment organization. He discovered that the pollution was done by the largest Mafia group in Europe, and got the evidence that the head, Malukala, was a Hakke. As he could not find out Malukala's hideout, he couldn't do anything. He found out that a former E.U. party leader, who conspired with Malukala, is now imprisoned in the Tower of London. Therefore, he is waiting for Maken to extract the former Party leader's memory."
—Tyrus' profile in Maken Shao

Tyrus is stationed in Lyon to keep the Hakke Malukala in check. He's a writer, and also has the ability to break through electronic locks. He's missing his right foot.

His spear-type weapon also looks like a walking crutch. Uses a spear and the element of lighting as his weapons.


Name Stat
Brainjack Rank 5
EX Special Thunder Quake
Life 6
Power 6
Speed 4
Jump Low
"A powerful character that has mastered the Electrical Attack."

In Maken X, Tyrus' EX attack targets all enemies within visible range which is the reason this is nerfed later.

In Maken Shao, Tyrus is still a powerful character. His main perk is his normal attack, his Bartizan. His EX attack now hits the closest enemy on the screen, which makes him excellent in long range fighting as well. Due to his moveset and power, he is best suited for one-on-one combat, especially against bosses.


Blademasters Maken X Another
Tyrus as he appears in Maken X Another