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Heal Icon IS Bless (祝福, Shukufuku)? is a skill type in the series, consisting of healing and status restoring spells. They cannot miss.

In Megami Ibunroku Persona, it is a subtype of Light Skills.

General spellEdit

Dia Family Edit

Skills with the root word "Dia" are HP healing spells. "Dia" is Greek for "song" as well as Spanish for "Day". However, because in the very first game of the series there are only "Medi" (メディ), "Medica" (メディカ) and "Medical" (メディカル) in the HP healing spell family, apparently "Dia" was just alternated from "Medical" in the subsequent games to denote the weakened version of the spell.

Skill Healing Target
Dia Low One ally
Media Low All allies
Diarama Moderate One ally
Medirama /
Moderate All allies
Diarahan Full One ally
Mediarahan Full All allies

Status HealEdit

In the first Megami Tensei game, the light ailment recovery spell is named "Patch". It is called "Patra" in subsequent games.

Skill Effect Target
Charmdi Removes the Charm status ailment. One ally
Posumudi Removes the Poison status ailment. One ally
Me Patra Recover from Panic, Distress, and Fear. All allies
Patra Recover from Panic, Distress, and Fear. One ally
Re Patra Recover from Down and Dizzy. One ally
Enradi Removes the Rage status ailment. One ally
Strandi Removes the Strain status ailment. (SJ) One ally
Mutudi /
Removes the Mute status ailment. One ally
Petradi Removes the Stone status ailment. One ally
Paraladi Removes from Paralyze status ailment. One ally
Removes the Possession ailment One ally
Bomdi Removes the Bomb status ailment. (SJ) One ally
Achedi Removes the Ache status ailment. (DDSAT) One ally

Specific spells Edit

Skill Effect Target
Doping Increases max HP. (SMT4) All allies
Kanzeon Redemption Increases max HP (Soul Hackers). One ally
Soma Gongen Fully restores HP and MP (Soul Hackers). One ally
Amrita Recover from all status ailments. One ally
Salvation Recovers all HP and status ailments. All allies

Game-specific SkillsEdit

Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth ExclusiveEdit

Skill Effect
Healing Harp Restore HP and remove ailments/Binds each turn for 3 turns. (Party)
Recovery Slight HP restore. (1 row) [Only usable in battle]
Life Goblet Moderate HP restore. (1 row) [Only usable in battle]
Pure Memento Remove status ailments at end of each turn, for 3 turns. (User's row)
Free Memento Remove all Binds at end of each turn, for 3 turns. (User's row)
Refresh Remove status ailments. (1 row) [Only usable in battle]
Becalm Remove all Binds. (1 row) [Only usable in battle]

Persona Skill CardsEdit

Innocent Sin
Dia card IS
Dia Card
Diarama card IS
Diarama Card
Healing card IS
Healing Card, which grants Diarahan
Media card IS
Media Card
Mediarama card IS
Mediarama Card
Blessing card IS
Blessing Card, which grants Mediarahan
Posumudi card IS
Posumudi Card
Kotoludi card IS
Kotoludi Card
Patra card IS
Patra Card
Me Patra card IS
Me Patra Card
Eternal Punishment
Dia card EP
Dia Card
Diarama card EP
Diarama Card
Recovery card EP
Recovery Card, which grants Diarahan
Media card EP
Media Card
Medirama card EP
Medirama Card
Blessing card EP
Blessing Card, which grants Mediarahan
Posumudi card EP
Posumudi Card
Kotoludi card EP
Kotoludi Card
Patra card EP
Patra Card
Me Patra Card EP
Me Patra Card

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