Bodyconian's artwork from Shin Megami Tensei

Bodyconian (ボディコニアン?) is a demon in the series.


The origins of the name bodyconian are unclear, however it might be translated as "fake" or "empty" body or as a type of person who takes part in a dance off. The name could also refer to the body-con style of dress that they wear.

Within the Megaten universe it is a type of android or corpus, similar to the manikin, that appears to house the souls of the dead. Generally the lost souls that are trapped within a bodyconian are put there through dark rites with their memories stripped away. They are said to be unable to die as their bodies were never actually alive, and act as little more than puppets for their masters. Because their body is undead, they are seen as a type of zombie.



Shin Megami TenseiEdit

"Origin: Tokyo. A flashy young lady who is now a zombie. Death hasn't changed her lovely looks, but now she has a fatal bite."
Shin Megami Tensei A-Mode DDS Dictionary

The Bodyconians are a slave race created by the Baron in Black and the Count in Red to accompany them and their adopted daughter, Alice in the small, artificial Paradise they have created in Roppongi; as they are deathless souls trapped in artificial bodies, they can never abandon Alice, so she will always be cared for. The Law Hero's girlfriend was seized and converted into a Bodyconian, but since she still remembered her life as a human unlike the other Bodyconians, she was locked in the disco club in Roppongi. If the Protagonist finds her, she will ask him to save her using a Soul Incense. This will free her soul, making her finally die as she states herself, and shifts the protagonist towards Law. In the GBA and iOS versions, this is required to get the Jade Ring Visionary Item; as with all visionary items, once it is acquired, the player can save and reload to before freeing her to keep the Jade Ring without the alignment bump or using a Soul Incense.

Shin Megami Tensei: if... Hazama's ChapterEdit

"Who is there? Ah, it is you, the Emperor's favourite. You are not a regular human, because He chose you to rule over us. Very well, show me your strength if you want the doll..."

The Bodyconian is one of the 5 Zombies that The Emperor summoned to protect one of the 5 Summon Dolls needed to summon him, during the night of the 1st day. She can be found at Room 2A and gives the Sleepy Doll to Hazama after defeat.


Kyūyaku Megami TenseiEdit

Megami Tensei IIEdit

Spirit 10 42 - 8 6 8 6 5 3
CP NOA EXP Macca MAG Item Drops
- 1 22 40 -
Swd Gun Fir Ice Elc Exp For Bnd Crs Nrv Mnd
- 48 2.5× 38 Dr - - Nu Nu -
List of Spells
Skill Cost Effect
Paralyze Extra Damage + Paralyze one enemy
Call Ally - Summon allies (enemy only)
Poison Fang Extra Damage + Poison one enemy

Shin Megami TenseiEdit

Bodyconian SMT
Race Alignment Level HP MP
Undead Neutral 7 53 10
4 0-1 23 9 16 8 6 7
St 7
In 6
Ma 5
Vi 7
Ag 7
Lu 4
Resistances Weak to Fire and Expel, resists Ice and Elec Drop Toxic Bottle
Swd Gun Fir Ice Elc For Nrv Exp Crs Mgc Bnd Chg Dex Ndl Alm
- 48 28 28 48 48 Nu - 68 48 68 Nu -
List of Skills
Skill Cost Effect
Guard - Reduces damage taken by user. (Enemy-only)
Stun Claw Extra Claws two enemies and Paralyzes them. (Dex-type)
Stun Bite Extra Bites one enemy and Paralyzes it. (Charge-type)

Shin Megami Tensei IIEdit

Bodyconian SMT II
Race Alignment Level HP MP
Undead Dark-Neutral 12 71 15
10 1 34 23 32 23 7 6
St 5
In 5
Ma 6
Vi 4
Ag 3
Lu 4
Drop Topaz Inherit Death Moon Aff E
Swd Gun Fir Ice Elc For Nrv Exp Crs Mgc Bnd Rsh Hnd Leg Fly Alm
- 68 1.5× 68 68 - 48 Nu - - - - - - -
List of Skills
Skill Cost Effect
Sexy Dance 6 MP Inflicts Charm ailment to all foes. (Magic-type)
Deathtouch 4 MP Absorbs the enemy's HP.
Stun Bite 5% HP Light Rush damage to one foe. Inflicts Bind.
Venom Claw 5% HP Light Punch attack to 2 foes. Inflicts Poison.
Call Ally - Summon allies (Enemy only)

Shin Megami Tensei: if... Hazama's ChapterEdit

Bodyconian SMT II
Race Alignment Level HP MP
Undead Dark-Neutral 15 300 25
St 8
In 10
Ma 10
Vi 9
Ag 6
Lu 4

Giten Megami Tensei: Tokyo MokushirokuEdit

Race Alignment Level HP MP CP
Undead Dark-Neutral 12 178 59 19
Intuition Will Power Magic Intelligence Divine Protection
7 11 10 10 8
Strength Stamina Agility Dexterity Charm
16 26 13 9 6
List of Skills
Death Touch Poison Bite Sexy Dance
Charming Song Sweet Breath


405 - Bodyconian
Bodyconian's artwork from Shin Megami Tensei II
Bodyconian Megami Tensei II
Bodyconian`s sprite in Megami Tensei II
Bodyconian Card
Bodyconian in Card Summoner

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