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Persona 3 Opening01:59

Persona 3 Opening

Opening Movie featuring the track

"Burn My Dread" is the theme song of Persona 3. The song was composed by Shoji Meguro and performed by Yumi Kawamura. The track has several versions including the "Last Battle" version with rap vocals sung by Lotus Juice.


Persona 3Edit

Persona 4 Edit

The song was played during the Investigation's Team school trip to Tatsumi Port Island. The same occurred in both Persona 4 The Animation and Persona 4 Golden, Also was played in Persona 4 Arena.


Dreamless dorm, ticking clock
I walk away from the soundless room
Windless night, moonlight melts
My ghostly shadow to the lukewarm gloom
Nightly dance of bleeding swords
Reminds me that I still live
I will burn my dread
I once ran away from the god of fear
And he chained me to despair
Burn my dread
I'll break the chain
And run till I see the sunlight again
I'll lift my face and run to the sunlight
Voiceless town, tapping feet
I clench my fist in pockets tight
far in mist a tower awaits
like a merciless tomb, devouring moonlight
Clockwork maze, end unknown
In frozen time a staircase stands
Shadows crawl on bloodstained floor
I rush straight ahead with a sword in hands
Cold touch of my trembling gun
I close my eyes to hear you breathe
(burn my dread x2)
I will burn my dread
This time I'll grapple down that god of fear
and throw him into hell's fire
Burn my dread
I'll shrug the pain and run till I see the sunlight again
Oh, I will run burning all regret and dread
And I will face the sun with pride of the living

Last BattleEdit

(burn my dread x4)
One time for your mind
Hey yo, drop like this
There's no man's land
No man ever survived
Invisible hands are
Behind you just now
If you ever win that
Race against rage then
You'll be king 'cuz
It's no man's land
(For real)
The mask is in heavy rain
Ultimately slain
Make shadows slave
What we've done is in vain
Carrying AK-47, 24/7
But you've gotta live it persecuted by heaven
Comes from the direction
No indication
You've got to
To let it move first
Let it out, let it down
Let it inside, let loose
Letting letting damn depressed
Let's get it up
Then what'cha gotta do is
Drop the hammer down
Drop rhyme drop hammer
Digging like a labor
You've got blood all over
Ash all over, spit it out
Son game's over
(burn my dread)
Tear up your fear
The end is coming near
Spit it out like a spear
I'll burn your dread
(burn my dread)
No soul, robust
All dust, we bust
Justice to the man with no life
(burn my dread)
Tear up your fear
The end is coming near
Spit it out like a spear
I'll burn your dread
(burn my dread)
No soul, robust
All dust, we bust
Justice to the man with no life

Last Battle -Reincarnation: Persona 3-Edit

Burn my dread (x4)
Got your bulletproof (burn my dread) vest?
Burn my dread (x5)

Fear not, jump in the fire
Got to burn the dread
Let my soul aspire to a higher place
In this gaia case

No time to waste
Never close this case, man
What ever you do, it's always gonna come back
So living by the gun's gonna get the gun clap

I ain't giving in
Hell no, fuck that
If you got a problem
Then stand up and say "what?"

Man's gotta do, you know
What a man's gotta do for life
The battle, yeah

Got a little robust since we first met
'Cause I have yet to put my fist down
It ain't easy, but never show my weakness
No way out of this, so you better seize it

Deep breath
Talk to Jesus, pray to God
Still make my own way and I preach this

Burn my dread (x9)

I am the front man who used to be the nicest
Making my own rules, apply them for their guidance
Only top deuce in the game knows how to fight this
The fear of life, many choose to run away from it

On the straightaway, they get caught up
Grabbed, thrown down, smashed up
I'm afraid of what's to come
At the same time afraid of what I've become

No way out of this, so drop the bomb
Trace my trails and follow and that's done
One, two, three
And let me pop this right here and become number one

I may dictate but you know the shit's great
cause I think straight but my rhyme's not baked
Know that sometimes you just gotta let it go
To the flow, to town on the microphone

Burn my dread (x9)


Last Battle version
Persona 3 Reincarnation - Burn My Dread -Last Battle-05:10

Persona 3 Reincarnation - Burn My Dread -Last Battle-

Last Battle "Reincarnation" version
Full version

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