Calon Arang as she appears in Shin Megami Tensei

Calon Arang or Ni Chalong (ニ・カロン?) is a demon in the series.


Nyi Calon Arang is a legendary witch of Rangda from Balinese and Javanese lore. Calon Arang was a fierce, dangerous witch who had a beautiful daughter named Ratna Manggali. No man would dare approach the beautiful girl, because her mother was so frightening. In order to slay the witch, a legendary warrior, Empu Baradah, has his pupil, Bahula, marry the daughter. Bahula and his newly-wed wife locate Calon Arang's secret book, which allows Empu Baradah to discover the witch's secret. Armed with this secret, Empu Baradah manages to slay Calon Arang.



Shin Megami TenseiEdit

SMT-Ni ChalongSpr
"Origin: Indonesia. Rangda's subordinate witch. She is a she-demon with disheveled hair, a large mouth, and a beard. When Barong defeats Rangda, Calon Arang is said to become a new Rangda."
Shin Megami Tensei A-Mode DDS Dictionary


Shin Megami TenseiEdit

Calon Arang SMT
Race Alignment Level HP MP
Night Chaos 44 484 272
24 ? 79 22 39 20 20 18
St 17
In 16
Ma 18
Vi 11
Ag 18
Lu 8
Resistances Resists magic, nulls Guns Drop Zionga Stone
List of Skills
Skill Cost Effect
Zionga 9 MP Strong lightning strikes one enemy, shocking it.
Dormina 3 MP Puts multiple enemies to sleep. (Nerve-type)
Paral Eyes Extra Paralyzes one enemy. (Curse-type)

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