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Caroline and Justine

P5 Caroline and Justine

Caroline (left) and Justine (right)

P5 manga Caroline and Justine

Also known as Caroline: Malicious Girl
Justine: Quiet Girl
Both: Twin Assistants
Both: Lavenza
Japanese Name カロリーヌ: 意地悪そうな少女
ジュスティーヌ: 物静かな少女
Romaji Karorīnu & Justīnu
First Appearance Persona 5
Arcana Strength
Japanese VA Both: Aki Toyosaki

Caroline and Justine are characters from Persona 5.


Design Edit

The twins both wear a black eye patch with the letter "V" over one of their eyes and a blue prison guard outfit. They both have platinum-blonde hair and yellow eyes. Justine has a long braid and a hat with the letters "O-Y-O-O," while Caroline has hair buns and a hat with the letters "X-M-R-N." The letters appear to spell "OXYMORON." They appear to be young children. Caroline uses an electric shock baton to intimidate their inmate.

When they merge as one, their true appearance is Lavenza, a young girl with long platinum hair and golden eyes. She wears blue Victoria dress, and stylish matching headband with white butterfly ornaments and yellow roses. She also wears bright pink lipstick.


Caroline dislikes the Phantom Thieves of Hearts and openly hopes for their eventual arrest. She tends to speak to Justine in a demeaning manner. Additionally, she doesn't seem to hold the protagonist in very high regard, as she refers to him as the "prisoner," and kicks him into the Velvet Room whenever he goes to enter. Justine, in contrast, appears to be soft-spoken but still treats the protagonist as her prisoner.

Lavenza speaks relatively more maturely than the twins and still maintains a soft tone similar to Justine but can be impatient to interruptions similar to Caroline.

Profile Edit

Persona 5Edit

The twins appear as Igor's new Velvet Room assistants. They act as the protagonist's correctional officers. In reality, they are not supposed to be separate individuals, but were originally a single being named Lavenza. When Yaldabaoth replaced Igor, he tore Lavenza's spirit into two incomplete sisters, neither of whom remembered he was not the real Igor.

During the TGS 2015 countdown, Caroline was referred to as the 'ill-tempered girl' and Justine was referred to as the 'calm girl' until they properly introduced themselves near the end of the nicolive.


Similar to Margaret's Social Link, Caroline and Justine's Cooperation progresses through completing their request of fusing specific Persona with specific skill.

118th MayGroup GuillotineUnlocks Persona fusion with more than 2 ingredient Personas.
3?Solitary ConfinementEntrusts a Persona in Velvet Room for training new skill and overcoming weakness.


Persona 5
P5 Twin assisstants
The twins in the first Persona 5 trailer
Velvet Prisoner
The twins with the protagonist.
Velvet twin assisstane seen in P5 anime cutscene
The twins in the second Persona 5 trailer
Persona 5 Caroline and Justine PV4
The twins in the fourth Persona 5 trailer
P5 Quiet Girl
Screenshot of Justine
P5 Malicious Girl
Screenshot of Caroline
Caroline & justine all out attack
The twin's All-Out Attack.
Caroline & justine finishing touch
All-Out Attack finishing touch
Persona 5 Portraits
P5 portrait of Caroline
Caroline's portrait
P5 portrait of Caroline without eyepatch
Caroline without eyepatch
P5 portrait of Justine
Justine's portrait
P5 portrait of Justine without eyepatch
Justine without eyepatch
P5 Lavenza
Lavenza's portrait

Trivia Edit

  • Like the other Velvet Room residents, Caroline and Justine share their names with characters from Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. Justine was framed for a murder Frankenstein's Creature committed. Caroline was the mother of Victor Frankenstein, who died of scarlet fever. Her dying wish was that Victor marry Elizabeth Lavenza (the namesake of their combined form), his adopted sister.
    • Lavenza and Elizabeth are named for the same person.
  • Caroline and Justine are the youngest looking assistants of the Velvet Room in the Persona series.
  • Before the revelation of their names, they were simply addressed as the "twin assistants".
  • Caroline and Justine are the second individuals, if counted as a whole, to be able to form a "bond" with the protagonist, the first being Margaret from Persona 4.

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