Carrie Persona


Carrie (キャリー, Kyarī)? is a demon in the series.


Carrie is an American horror novel written by Stephen King and published in 1974. It is about a girl named Carrie who uses her recently discovered psychic powers to exact revenge on those who bullied her. The novel ends with her death and her hometown becoming a ghost town.



Megami Ibunroku PersonaEdit

Carrie Persona
Order Type Subtype Level HP SP Drops
Haunt Dark Curse 28 280 140 Slick Drop
MAtk MDef
Strength 21
Vitality 21
Dexterity 17
Agility 12
Luck 12
60 53
Traits Gloomy, Timid, Snappish
1h 2h Sp Ax Wp Th Ar Fs HG MG SG Ri Te Ru
- - - - - - - Rf Rf Rf Rf - -
Fi Ic Wi Er El Nc Bl Gr Ex Mi De Cu Nr ???
34 34 34 34 34 34 34 34 2.5× 2.5× ½Rf 14 Nu -
List of Skills
Skill Effect
Terror Eyes Inflicts Fear status (1 foe)
Azure Cessation Medium Fire damage (area)
Sanraigeki Medium Elec damage+Shock (area)
Western Blow Medium Blast damage (area)

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