Modules are pages containing Lua codes which handles parser and string functions more efficiently than the traditional "magic words" such as if, switch, expr, replace, etc. Modules are transcluded by using the magic word "invoke" in other pages like this: {{#invoke:(module name)|(function name)|(parameter entry)}}. Page is automatically included in the category:pages with script errors if any variable in the returning result contains a "nil" (undefined) value. Usually this can be fixed by not including that variable in the returning result or give that variable an empty string which is not considered "nil" by Lua.

If you have modified the Lua module, the result may only show in the invoking page after purging it. Hard refreshing your browser usually does not work because it only purges your computer's local cache, the wiki purge refreshes the server's cache. To do this, add ?action=purge at the end of the URL of the wiki page (e.g. Be sure to remove the section markup (e.g. #Appearances) from the URL otherwise the page will not be purged.


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