Equipment DLC

of Add-on
Peace EarringsSt GermainEarring Set ($0.49)Peace Earring x1
Anarchy EarringsAnarchy Earring x1
Vivid T (Top)Tsutaya Pre-order Code (Free)Vivid T x1
Vivid T (Bottom)Vivid T x1
Studs L (Top)Lawson Pre-order Code (Free)Studs L x1
Prime Suit (Top)Amazon Equipment (Free)Prime Suit x1
Prime Suit (Bottom)Prime Suit x1
GSEB Power Suit (Top)GameStop/EB Games Set (Free)GSEB Power Suit x1
GSEB Power Suit (Bottom)GSEB Power Suit x1
Retail Hero Jumpsuit (Top)Best Buy Pre-order Code (Free)Retail Hero Jumpsuit x1
Retail Hero Jumpsuit (Bottom)Retail Hero Jumpsuit x1
Tokyo's Past (Glasses)Tokyo's Past Set (Free)Cute Glasses x1
Tokyo's Past (Eyepatch)Secret Eye Power Seal x1
Tokyo's Past (Mask)Surgical Mask x1
Asahi HatAsahi/Nozomi Set ($0.99)Asahi Hat x1
Nozomi HatNozomu Hat x1
Green PompuduorGreen Pompudour ($0.99)Green Pompuduor x1
Chironnupu MaskChiro Mask ($0.99)Chironnupu Mask x1
Avatar's HatAvatar's Hat ($0.99)Avatar's Hat x1

DLC Armor Appearance
Vivid T Armor (Tsutaya Pre-order) (Japan only)
Studs L Armor (Lawson Pre-order) (Japan only)
Prime Suit (Amazon Pre-order)
GSEB Power Suit (Gamestop/EB Pre-order)
SMT4A-Best Buy
Retail Hero Jumpsuit (Best Buy Pre-order)
Tokyos Past Set
Tokyo's Past Set DLC
Asahi Nozomu Set
Asasi/Nozomu Set DLC
Green Pompuduor
Green Pompuduor DLC
Chironnupu Mask
Chironnupu Mask DLC
Avatars Hat
Avatars Hat DLC

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