Item/Story DLC

of Add-on
[Otr] Tokyo Destruction PromoHunter PR DivisionWatch the promo videoFall of Tokyo Promo Video (Free)Promotional video
A Godslayer Needs LevelsDagdaObtain GrimoiresA Godslayer Needs Levels ($2.99)Light Grimoires, Heavy Grimoires, Partner Grimoires
A Godslayer Needs MaccaObtain high-value itemsA Godslayer Needs [Macca ($2.99)Prime Demon Meat (ћ3000),
Flowering Branch (ћ8000),
Beer of Paradise (ћ12000)
A Godslayer Needs AppsObtain APA Godslayer Needs Apps ($2.49)5-Point Cards, 10-Point Cards, 20-Point Cards
A Godslayer Needs DemonsBuy demonsA Godslayer Needs Demons ($1.99)Buy demons with custom skillsets
A Godslayer Needs JewelsObtain jewelsA Godslayer Needs Jewels ($2.99)Emeralds, Garnets, Diamonds
A Godslayer Needs ItemsObtain IncenseA Godslayer Needs Items ($3.49)Incense
[Int] Coastal Inverted PyramidHunter AssociationRescue missing persons and apprehend culpritThe Inverted Pyramid ($1.99)Unlocks Cleopatra for fusion
A Trip to HawaiiMephistophelesAccept the invitation and enjoy lifeA Trip to Hawaii ($2.49)Unlocks Mephisto for fusion
Explosive Epidemic in MikadoAgent of DagdaSlaughter the people of MikadoExplosive Epidemic in Mikado ($1.99) --
Messiahs in the Diamond RealmStephenGuide the messiahsMessiahs in the Diamond Realm ($3.99) --
Depths of Twisted TokyoSt GermainAccept the ItemDepths of Twisted Tokyo ($1.49)Eternal Torus x1
Ranking Program 1AtlusIncrease demon HPRanking Program 1 (Free)Demons used most among the player's received DDS Cards gain bonus HP. Updated every 100 Streetpasses.
Ranking Program 2Increase Partner HPRanking Program 2 (Free)Partners used most among the player's received DDS Cards gain bonus HP. Updated every 100 Streetpasses.
Level Cap UnlockAtlusUnlocks level capLevel Cap Unlock (Free)Allows leveling beyond 100
Extra Difficulty LevelsExtra difficultiesExtra Difficulty Levels (Free)Unlocks Paradise, Apocalypse difficulties
Special 1: Parallel UniversesAtlus LoreLore 1: Parallel Universes (Free)Adds new Hunter Database Notes Entries
Special 2: What is Observation?Lore 2: "Observation" Explained (Free)
Special 3: History of Tokyo & MikadoLore 3: Tokyo & Mikado History (Free)

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