QuestClientObjectiveHow to getReward
Eggs for One HundredUeno Head ChefDeliver Rukh's Egg x1available in Ueno upon arrivalLu Incense x3
I Want to Make the City Bright*Ueno Local Gov'tDeliver LED Lightbulb x1available in Ueno upon arrivalBusiness Trip Set
Deliver the FilmUeno Item ShopDeliver the film to a certain Hunteravailable in Ueno after completing "Peallaidh Extermination"2500 macca
Samurai and Hunters UnitedNozomi the HunterCooperate with Nozomi and defeat Asuraavailable in Ueno after completing "Peallaidh Extermination" and "Deliver the Film"Silver Mars x1
Hunter Tournament PrelimsOkamoto the Ex-HunterWin the Qualifying Battlesavailable in Ueno after completing "Peallaidh Extermination" and "I Want to Make the City Bright"Showdown Ticket x1
Phantom of MadnessVeteran Hunter KatayamaSlay Insane Horde x4available in Shinjuku upon arrivalMa Incense x4
Shelter InspectionKanae the Novice HunterDeliver a picture of the shelter to the clientavailable in Shinjuku - South Entrance upon arrivalOlive Camouflage (head) x1
Her MemoriesYoshie in ShinjukuDeliver pictures of Shinjuku to the clientavailable in Shinjuku after completing "Corpse Disposal"Ag Incense x5
Ikebukuro Free DistrictInukai the HunterDeliver 2 pictures of Ikebukuro to the clientavailable in Shinjuku Staiton - West Entrance upon arrival5000 macca
Demon Guarding the ShrineGreat Hunter HayashidaSlay Okuninushi x1available in Shinjuku after completing "The Seat of Government"Bushi Tasogare (legs) x1, Kunitsu Okuninushi fusion unlocked
Hunter Tournament FinalsTournament OrganizerWin the tournamentavailable after reaching Ginza and completing "Hunter Tournament Prelims"Hunter Crown x1
Serial Kidnapping + ArsonNozomi the HunterCooperate with Nozomi and defeat the manhuntersavailable after reaching Ginza and completing "Samurai and Hunters United"Green Gunner x1
I Will Give You My Black CardGinza's Celebrity HunterDeliver Silver Coin x1available in Ginza after obtaining Platinum CardBlack Card
The Great DrunkennessNozomi the HunterDeliver Maenad's Wine x1available upon arrival in GinzaBlack Gunner x1
Take A Picture of Ginza for MeTamae the Novice HunterDeliver a picture of Luis Witonavailable in Tokyo Station after reaching Ginza6250 macca
Rebirth of the LadyNozomi the HunterMake the faeries' wish come true.available in Ueno after alignment lock after completing all of Nozomi's previous questsWhite King (legs) x1, Lady Black Maria fusion unlocked
Mysterious Story of TennozuGreat Hunter KujiPrevent the summoning of Gozutennouavailable in Shibuya after alignment lockShinno Rounds x1, Deity Baal fusion unlocked
Multi-Demon FusionHunter NakamuraInvestigate the fusion experimentsavailable in Shinjuku after alignment lock and completing "Serial Kidnapping + Arson"Great Chakra x2, Reaper Cernunnos fusion unlocked
Tokyo CosmosBishamontenDefeat the 4 Devas under a certain conditionavailable in Ginza after alignment lockID Card Lv3

* Repeatable

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