QuestClientObjectiveHow to getReward
Capture the BerserkerKishin Erlang ShenSlay Wu Kong x1available after starting "Capture the Black Samurai"Tokkosho x1, Fury Wu Kong fusion unlocked
Isis' Search for the CoffinLady IsisBring Osiris' coffin to the clientavailable after reaching KasumigasekiSt Incense x5
Cu Chulainn's TrainingMegami ScathachSlay Setanta x1available after reaching ShinjukuBrionac x1, Genma Cu Chulainn fusion unlocked
Sunset for a DemonnapperLady HaritiFind and protect Priyankaraavailable after reaching Ikebukuro and completing "Capture the Berserker"Antidote Ring x1, Famed Kanseikuten, Lady Hariti fusion unlocked
Retrieve the TabletEnlilDeliver Heaven's Tabletavailable after reaching ShibuyaDx Incense x6
Osiris' ResurrectionLady IsisFind and deliver all of Osiris' body partsavailable after completing "An Important Rendezvous," and "Isis' Search for the Coffin"Balm of Rising x5; Deity Osiris, Lady Isis fusion unlocked
Naglfar Material Collection*HelDeliver Deceased's Nail x20available after starting "Defeating the Demon"Black Clown (Headgear) x1
Tokyo Bay Mixer*ApsarasDeliver Vasuki Hide x2available after completing "Shinjuku is Mine"Soma x2
Slay the God of Violent WindsGod of the StormSlay Illuyanka x1available after completing "Shinjuku is Mine"Agent Y (Lower Body) x1
Escape from PhilanthropyParvatiSlay Kartikeya x1available in Infernal Tokyo after completing "Shinjuku is Mine," NG+Heated Soul x1, Fury Kartikeya fusion unlocked
Recreating the Human Race*The Great Mother GoddessDeliver Gogmagog Meat x5, Kingu Blood x5available after alignment lockAmrita Supplies
The CauldronThe Gods of the DanaanBring Dagda's Cauldron to Brigidavailable after alignment lockExcalibur x1
Ressurection of the KousoushinFutotamaPresent the 3 Holy Vesselsavailable after alignment lockBead of Life x2, Torifune's Shawl, Amatsu Amaterasu fusion unlocked
Yomotsu Okami's RampageAmatsu Ame no UzumeSlay Izanami x1return to Blasted Tokyo after alignment lock, NG+Skull Scepter x1, Megami Izanami fusion unlocked
Punishing the TricksterHeimdallSlay Loki x1return to Infernal Tokyo after alignment lockMortal Knife x1
Errand for the ApocalypseBelialDefeat the 4 knights of the Apocalypsereturn to Infernal Tokyo after alignment lockPeacemaker x1

* Repeatable

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