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Item/Story DLC

of Add-on
Experience of the AfterlifeRiver Styx Jailers Experience of the Afterlife DLC - ($1.99)0 Macca (Light/Heavy Grimoires, Fairy Oread data)
Money Makes the Underworld TurnJailer from the River Styx Underworld Money-Maker DLC - ($2.99)0 Macca (various gold crafts, Beast Asterius data)
Death Has Its ApplicationsRiver Styx Jailers Death Has Its Applications DLC - ($2.99)0 Macca (10/20-Point Cards, Fiend Plasma data)
Clipped Wings 1MDefeat Uriel and RaphaelClipped Wings 1 DLC - ($2.49)2 Shining Quills x1, Herald Uriel and Herald Raphael fusion unlocked (Tyrant Aeshma data†)
Clipped Wings 2MDefeat Gabriel and MichaelClipped Wings 2 DLC - ($2.49)2 Shining Hairs x1, Herald Gabriel, Herald Michael fusion unlocked (Tyrant Aeshma data†)
Ancient One of the SunThe WhiteDefeat the Ancient of DaysAncient One of the Sun DLC - ($2.49)White Pillar x1, Godly Ancient of Days fusion unlocked
The Eternal YouthThe WhiteDefeat SanatThe Eternal Youth DLC - ($2.49)Black Pillar x1, Chaos Sanat fusion unlocked
For the Past... For the FutureStephenProtect TokyoFor the Past... For the Future DLC - ($2.49)Masakado's S. x1, Fury Masakado's Shadow fusion unlocked

† both Clipped Wings quests must be completed to receive Tyrant Aeshma's data

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