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Chika Ueda
Chika Ueda
Also known as... Chikarin (Chikalin)
Japanese Name 上田知香 (チカリン)
Romaji Chika Ueda
First Appearance Persona 2: Innocent Sin

Chika Ueda is a character in the Persona 2 duology.



Chika, or Rumormonger Chikarin as she calls herself, is, as the title implies, one of the several people in Sumaru who devotes herself to the flow of information through rumors. She is a first-year student of Seven Sisters High, and works with the school newspaper. She is a classmate of Tatsuya Suou and Lisa Silverman; she is usually found hanging out at the Peace Diner at Yumesaki District. Ghost stories seem to bother her a lot.


Chikarin's portrait from Innocent Sin

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