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Japanese Name クール
Romaji Kuuru
First Appearance Devil Children Red Book / Devil Children Black Book
Japanese VA Inoue Kikuko

Cool is a character in the Devil Children series.



Devil Children White BookEdit

After beating the game Masaki Kuzuha can switch his partner Clay with Cool, who will start at level 1. Cool must be returned to Setsuna Kai in order to switch to another demon partner.

Shin Megami Tensei: DeviChilEdit

A Cerberus and the demon partner of Setsuna Kai, Cool appears in the first episode as the brainwashed minion of Lucifer. He randomly attacked homes of the Mokoi using his fire spells in the Expanse, which caused rocks to rain down on Earth. Setsuna frees him completely from Lucifer's control by kicking a rock at him. He hates being called a dog and initially didn't like being Setsuna Kai's partner, and the two butt heads often.


Cool Anime Design
Cool's anime design

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