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Cursed Woman's Pot (呪い女の壷, Noroi Onna no Tsubo) is a Shadow in the series.



Persona 4 GoldenEdit

The Cursed Woman's Pot appears from within treasure chests in the Hollow Forest. After battle, it may drop Flame Dotaku, Frigid Dotaku, Bolt Dotaku or Gale Dotaku.


Persona 4 GoldenEdit

Arcana Level HP SP
Strength 22
Magic 62
Endurance 52
Agility 50
Luck 48
Priestess 55 55
Physical Fire Ice Elec Wind Light Dark Almighty EXP Yen
Drain Weak Weak Weak Weak Weak Weak 250% 1400 0
List of Skills
Skill Effect
Mazionga Deals medium Elec damage to all foes.
Spirit Drain Drains 30 SP from 1 foe.
Enervation Enervates 1 foe (40% chance).
Enervate Boost Enervation-based attacks are 1.5 times more effective.

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