A map of the Daimakyuu's layout from Kyūyaku Megami Tensei

Daimakyuu (大魔宮?, lit. "Great Netherworld Palace") is the main setting of Megami Tensei.



Megami TenseiEdit

Daimakyuu, the lair of Lucifer and his minions, erupts up from Shirasagi Mound. Its entrance, shaped like a ziggurat, leads into the town of Micon atop the Tower of Daedalus which serves as the starting point of Akemi Nakajima's journey. Bien, a floating maneuverable city, lies over the Valhalla Corridor, Loki's domain. It then leads into the Mazurka Corridor and Rotting Sea of Flames. The final area, Infini Palace, is divided into two areas: the Blue Salon and the Red Tower, the latter being Lucifer's palace. When Lucifer is defeated, the Daimakyuu returns to the Expanse.

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