Dance Instructor
P4D Dancer instructor portrait
Also known as Coach
First Appearance Persona 4: Dancing All Night
Japanese VA Shunzou Miyasaka
English VA DC Douglas

The Dance Instructor is a character from Persona 4: Dancing All Night.



The Dance Instructor has vivid orange hair and brown eyes with lavender eye shadows, and red lipstick. He wears a colorful collar shirt, white pants, and yellow slippers.

In addition, he wears cherry earrings, and black nail polish.


Persona 4: Dancing All Night

He appears in Chapter 4-4, as Kyoka Ochimizu's replacement, and trains both Kanami Mashita and Nanako Dojima. He can be seen trying to flirt with Minoru Inoue throughout Chapter 6, and also has a crush on Ryotaro Dojima, who rejects the idea.


P4D (Story Mode Illustration, 23)
Dance Instructor witnesses Kanami collapse after having a severe headache


  • In the Japanese version, the Dance Instructor uses female pronouns and others use female pronouns because of his feminine traits which he embraces proudly, implying he is transgender. However, in Japan, pronouns non-traditional to one's gender are sometimes used to convey personality, especially in fiction, although it doesn't erase the possibility of him being transgender. In the English version, he uses male pronouns and others use male pronouns.

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