David Gale

David Gale in a flashback

David Gale is the human upon which the AI Gale was modeled.

Appearances Edit

Design Edit

David Gale has a similar appearance to AI Gale except he has blonde hair and blue eyes, opposed to AI Gale's green hair and eyes. David Gale, however, lacks AI Gale's characteristic hood and is typically dressed in a white lab coat.

Furthermore, Gale's constant habit of touching his forehead before speaking can be attributed to the fact that David wore glasses. Gale is unintentionally acting as though he's still wearing glasses and trying to "adjust" them.

Profile Edit

Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner Edit

He appeared in a flashback of Jenna Angel's.

Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner 2 Edit

He was a researcher working in the Karma Society, looking to find a cure for the Cuvier Syndrome. He also had a very close relationship with Jenna Angel, whom he loved. Unfortunately, he caught the Cuvier Syndrome and was in an isolation ward when it was attacked by terrorists. With his dying breath, he implored Jenna not to hate humanity for what they had done. A small portion of his data flowed into the Junkyard, and into the body of AI Gale, making him similar to the core Embryon members in the way that he is not a direct reincarnation. His solar data later appears on the sun with Jenna. Gale's solar data has become two, similar to Serph and Heat's earlier in the game during a story fight.

Trivia Edit

  • The naming of these characters is probably a play of the real life mathematician or actor David Gale.
  • In the reminiscence of the isolation ward attack, David had been singing the Prayer song to Jenna Angel right before his death. Jenna may possibly be the one that taught Sera the Prayer song, and later it was sung to calm the Atma infectees after the Junkyard and Black Sun incidents.

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