Death Icon IS Death (呪殺, jusatsu)?, also known as Darkness, is a spell type in the series and the most recurring line of Dark Spells. Death spells usually focus on inflicting instant death on the enemy, though exceptions do exist.

Expel is the Light counterpart to Death.

General SpellsEdit

Mudo is the general death elemental spell.

Name Power Target
Mudo Low odds fatal 1 enemy
Mamudo Low odds fatal All enemies
Mudoon High odds fatal 1 enemy
Mamudoon High odds fatal All enemies

Specific spellsEdit

Name Power Target
Die For Me! Very high odds of Fatal All enemies
Paral Eyes Paralyzes target 1 enemy
Petra Eyes /
Stone Gaze
Petrifies target 1 enemy
Death Road /
Hell's Eye
Kills target 1 enemy
Bael's Curse Inflicts Fly ailment 1 enemy
Blood Thief /
Blood Suck
Inflicts Bat ailment 1 enemy

Game SpecificEdit

Shin Megami Tensei: if... ExclusiveEdit

Name Effect Target
Wire Breath Inflicts Bind ailment Multiple enemies
Sol Cluster Kills target 1 enemy

Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne ExclusiveEdit

  • The status ailment "stone" is affiliated with the Death element.
Name Power Target
Evil Gaze HP reduces to 1 1 enemy
Hell Gaze High odds fatal 1 enemy
Death Flies Almighty heavy damage + 100% Death fatal all enemies

Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey ExclusiveEdit

Name Power Target
Darkness 100% Fatal, Mem Aleph Only Entire Party

Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers ExclusiveEdit

Name Power Target
Glimmering Eye Chance to petrify Lowest level enemy

Megami Ibunroku Persona ExclusiveEdit

Skill Effect
Eiha Light Death damage each turn (1 foe)
Baeiha Medium Death damage each turn (area)
Maeiha Heavy Death damage each turn (all foes)

Persona 2 series specificEdit

Name Power Target
Stagnant Air Light All enemies
Curse Medium All enemies
Dark Verdict Heavy + fatal All enemies
Omega Cluster Special, fatal All enemies
Chaos Element Special All enemies

Digital Devil Saga series specificEdit

Name Power Target
Curse Inflict ailment - cursed 1 enemy
Blood Curse Inflict ailment - cursed All enemies
Wicked Curse Medium + cursed All enemies
Millennia Curse Instantly kills or curses all enemies.
(3 Death or Mudo Skills)
All enemies
Stone Gaze Petrifies target 1 enemy
Petrifier Chance to petrify all enemies.
(Combo is Stone Gaze + -nda skill)
All enemies

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