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Death Twins are a shadow in the Persona series.



Persona 3Edit

Death Twins appear in the second half of the first section of the Tziah Block within Tartarus.


Level ArcanaHPSP St Ma En Ag Lu
42 Hierophant260148 23 30 24 23 24
Slash Strike Pierce Fire Ice Elec Wind Light Dark Almighty
- Weak - - - Drain - Repel - -
List of Skills
Skill Effect
Strike Attack Normal attack using the Strike attribute.
Zionga Deals medium Elec damage / Shocks one foe. (10% chance)
Mazionga Deals medium Elec damage / Shocks all foes. (8% chance)
Rakunda Decreases 1 foes' Defense.
Mind Charge Doubles magic damage dealt next turn. (2.5x damage)

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