Demoniacs (鬼族?, lit. "Ogre Tribe"), also known as Brute in Digital Devil Saga series, is a species in the Megami Tensei series. They all are Physical Aggressors.


Race Japanese Meaning Alignment
Touki 闘鬼 Battle Ogre Neutral-Neutral
Brute 妖鬼 Mystic Ogre Neutral-Chaos
Femme 鬼女 (女魔) Ogress (Devil Woman) Neutral-Chaos
Jirae 地霊 Earth Spirit Neutral-Neutral or Neutral-Law
Jaki 邪鬼 Evil Ogre Dark-Neutral or Dark-Law
Haunt 幽鬼 Haunting Ogre Dark-Chaos
Henii 変異 Mutant / Variation N/A

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