The Demonica

The Demonica, short for "DEMOuntable Next Integrated Capability Armor," is a device and a set of equipment featured in the series.



Shin Megami Tensei: Strange JourneyEdit

Unlike any previous game, Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey characters summon demons though the use of the Demonica, as opposed to the COMP of other Megami Tensei games. The Demonica allows the protagonist to summon, communicate with and transport demons, and also has several other functions, including it gaining experience, levels and stats, instead of the wearer. The Demonica initially starts by mysteriously receiving the Demon Summoning Program, which allows the protagonist to see the otherwise invisible demons within the Schwarzwelt. As the plot progresses, the protagonist and the crew of the Red Sprite gain several upgrades to the Demonica using the Rare Forma gained from the Schwarzwelt including, but not limited to: detecting more valuable forma, revealing invisible doors, unlocking races for demon fusion, and detecting invisible enemies.

Jack's Squad has a different model of Demonica. It is black and more combat-oriented albeit vastly inferior to the ones used by the Red Sprite team as supported by Arthur, comments from several Jack's Squad crew members, and the need of a Forma Search from the Red Sprite crew.

Sub AppsEdit

The Demonica also has sub apps, programs that affect things such as battle frequency, prizes awarded from victorious battles and how your summoned demon's skills grow. Unlike regular programs, sub apps only have a limited space to work with and only a few can be equipped at any time.


The Demonicas of the crew has different colored sleeves depending on a crewmember's role on the Red Sprite. Yellow sleeves designate members of the operations team and related teams while blue sleeves designate members relating to support teams such as the resupply team or the medical team. A red sleeve always denotes members of the strike team. The protagonist and Demonee-Ho seem to be the odd ones out, having white sleeves on their Demonicas, which are ambiguous to what they represent.

Shin Megami Tensei IVEdit

In this world the Demonica armor was built by Country A to protect soldiers who fought demons, and most of the ordinary suits are black ones. The Japanese Counter-Demon Force, under the government's Ministry of Defense Tamagami, adopted it to combat demons, making Japan the second-best nation at combating demons in the world.

The Demonica is introduced to Flynn and the other Samurai via the Black Samurai, who wears a Black Demonica. The gauntlets used by the Samurai were originally attached to Demonica suits, and is a feature that can be easily removed.

Two variations of the Demonica suit can be obtained in-game, but instead of serving as the COMP equivalent, the suit is simply armor. These suits also lack the adaptability of the ones shown in Strange Journey, as well lacking the ability to integrate apps and the summoning program with the entire suit. The Black Demonica can be gained for free when visiting the Counter-Demon Force Base in Kasumigaseki, while the original Demonica must be bought in three separate pieces (Helmet, Body Armor, Bottoms) at a special arms shop in Ginza.


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