Devil Children Black Book & Red Book
デビルチルドレン 黒の書・赤の書
Debiru Chirudoren Kuro no Sho Aka no Sho
Game Information
Developer Multimedia Intelligence Transfer
Publisher Atlus
Genre RPG
Platform Game Boy Color
PlayStation 3/PSP as Games Archives
Release Dates
Flag of Japan Game Boy Color
November 17, 2000
March 28, 2002
PlayStation 3/PSP as Games Archives
March 13, 2010

Devil Children Black Book/Red Book is a game in the Devil Children series of games. Devil Children Red Book and Devil Children Black Book are two games released around the same time, similar to Pokémon games coming out in pairs. However, unlike Pokémon, the two versions are rather different.

A third version was later released called Devil Children White Book. Both the Red Book and Black Book were later packaged together in a PlayStation remake that featured full voice acting.

On March 28, 2002 a remake for the PlayStation was released. It features updated graphics, added kanji to the formerly all kana script and a fully animated intro based on the anime series. A number of new demons are also exclusive to the game.



Devil Children Black Book cover art for the Gameboy Color version
Devil Children Red Book cover art for the Gameboy Color version

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