Soul Hackers Intruder Title

Title Screen

Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers Intruder (デビルサマナー ソウルハッカーズ Intruder) is an RPG published by Atlus and Bbmf for mobile phones.


  • Japan: August 30, 2007 (iAppli)
  • Japan: October 1, 2007 (S!Appli)


Soul Hackers Intruder is a strategy RPG based on Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers. It takes place half a year after the events of the original game. New enemies appear in Amami City and Spookies reunite. Action is divided between story and battle sections, with the battle sections being turn-based strategy style fights. This game also introduces a capacity system that demons can activate once per battle.


SH Intruder 01
SH Intruder 02
SH Intruder 03

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