The Devil Survivor series are the first Megami Tensei games made for the Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS systems. The games usually focus on the tale of several civilians who are forced to brave through harsh conditions in a post-apocalyptic world while uncovering the mystery behind the Demon Summoning Program and the events that transpired to doomsday. Unlike most entries in the franchise, Devil Survivor games are pure Strategy Role-Playing Games with a light traditional Japanese RPG aesthetic. Players control characters who are leaders of their own demon teams that battle on a grid arena, traditional to the Strategy RPG genre. Fusion and the acquisition of skills is simplified in comparison to traditional Shin Megami Tensei games to better fit the Strategy RPG style. Character designs are headed by Suzuhito Yasuda of Durarara!! fame while Kaneko Kazuma has done some new, original designs for the first Devil Survivor but has since dropped involvement in the series.


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Novels and Short StoriesEdit

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