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The Early Bad Ending (also known as the Honda false ending) of Devil Survivor is one of six possible endings of Devil Survivor. However, it is not a true ending, more akin to a nonstandard game over — it does not allow access to New Game + mode and at the end the game acts as if the player failed a required objective.

On this route, the protagonist discovers Honda and 3 other civilians approaching a seemingly undefended segment of the lockdown wall, having just observed a demon slay the last SDF member guarding the wall. Upon approaching the empty space, angels appear, killing 2 of the civilians outright and threatening the others.

Upon seeing this, you have three options — support the demons, support the angels, or support humanity. Picking the earlier two requires you to attack the other side, then defeat and destroy the civilian's COMPs to prevent them from getting themselves killed. Picking the third allows you to attack both the angels and the demons at the same time, though this strangely does not affect whether the player has a better chance at getting Naoya's or Amane's ending.

Midway through the battle, Honda and the civilian decide to take this opportunity to escape, and the player can choose to do so as well. However, immediately upon exiting the area, a strange lightning storm appears over the lockdown — the Angels have declared the lockdown a failure, and have decided to kill everyone inside. Worse still, they have declared humanity to be in default of their responsibilities as children of God, and an Angelic army flies out to enslave the world. Anyone not sufficiently subservient is killed outright, and the remainder are stripped of their free will.

The game then acts as if you lost a battle — "Mission Failed" — and sends you back to the load game screen.

If neither the player nor the civilians escape, the ending is averted. When this happens, SDF soldiers appear to defend the wall, and the protagonist's party (along with any surviving civilian on the scene) promptly leaves before they are attacked.

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