Devious Maya is a Shadow in Persona 3.



Persona 3Edit

Devious Maya is first encountered as a shadow summoned by Arcana Hanged Man in battle. It is later found in the Adamah Block of Tartarus, between floor 215 and 263. They are also found in Judecca II in The Answer, and a stronger variant is encountered in the Vision Quest of P3P.


Persona 3Edit

Persona Q: Shadow of the LabyrinthEdit

Level St Ma En Ag Lu Exp
35 46 36 34 34 31 2695
HP Attack Defense Drop1 Drop2 Drop3
336 138 102 Mushy Piece Mushy Hand -
Cut Bash Stab Fire Ice Elec Wind Light Dark Almighty
- Resist - - - - - Weak Null -
Sleep Panic Poison Curse Paralysis Ma Bind St Bind Ag Bind Down Inst. Kill
Weak Weak - - Weak Weak - - - -
List of Skills
Skill Effect
Life Wall Take attacks in place of allies, with reduced damage. (Party)
Matarukaja Raise attack for 3 turns. (Party)

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