Diamond Realm Entrance

The entrance to the Diamond Realm from Shin Megami Tensei

The Diamond Realm (金剛神界, Kongō-shin-kai) is a location within the Expanse in the series.


The Diamond Realm or known as "Vajradhātu" in Sanskrit is a metaphysical domain in Vajrayana Buddhism. The realm is created and governed by Vairocana.



Shin Megami TenseiEdit

Just before the ICBM launched from the U.S. nearly hits Tokyo after Thor's defeat, the Heroine teleports the protagonist to the Diamond Realm to ensure him unscathed in the missile attack. The protagonist is woken up by En no Ozuno, who offers him tasks to gain enough strength before returning to the devastated world. First, the player searches the area to retrieve his lost demons and regroup with Law Hero and Chaos Hero, who are also transferred here, then En no Ozuno asks them to obtain a Soma from the pond somewhere at the outer rim of the realm. This task is performed twice - the first time En no Ozuno consumes the Soma instantly, the second time he tells the player to keep it for themselves.

Afterwards, En no Ozuno asks Law Hero and Chaos Hero to leave the protagonist's party temporarily and requires him to obtain two powerful melee weapons in the middle ring area of the realm. Each weapon is possessed by a powerful Phantom, which will hand over the weapon if it shares the same alignment with the protagonist, otherwise battle ensues. After this second labor, En no Ozuno allows all three heroes to leave the realm, but they are blocked at the exit of the Diamond Realm by Zenki and Goki as the final trial to prove their strength to survive the barren land.

The player can visit his servants, Zenki and Goki, next to his room. Zenki saves the player's game progress while Goki heals the party for free.

Shin Megami Tensei IIEdit

The Diamond Realm is an optional dungeon but requires a separate file of the player when in the underworld. Once the player defeats YHVH and finishes the game, the player must then load up the 2nd file and speak to a specific NPC in the 2D Underworld Map to access the Diamond Realm. It is here the player can fight and encounter fiends. There are also separate gates that have specific stat requirements to open.


Shin Megami TenseiEdit

Lvl.EnemyRaceAlignmentHPResistanceHitsSkillsRare drop
10AzumiBruteNeutral-Chaos51Rf: Elec1Zio - Media - Water WallSanjiegun
15KimnariYomaNeutral-Law62Wk: Ice / Ab: Fire1Agilao - Bufula - HapirmaPearl
15GandharvaFairyNeutral-Neutral75Rs: Expel1Zio - Lullaby - Happy StepBead
15NueWilderDark-Neutral88Wk: Gun & Fire1Feral Claw - Stun Bite - Panic VoiceTurquoise
16Tan-KiBeastNeutral-Neutral140Wk: Gun & Fire1Sukukaja - Squash - Water WallBead
16TsuchigumoJiraeNeutral-Law80Wk: Force, Magic & Alm2Shibaboo - Hama - Toxic StingPoison Arrow
19BugabooJiraeNeutral-Law105Wk: Force, Magic & Alm0~1Bufula - Mabufu - RakukajaMabufu Stone
19NekomataBeastNeutral-Neutral106Rs: Expel1~3Zanma - Marin Karin - Feral ClawBead
21ApsarasYomaNeutral-Law152Rf: Elec1Rakukaja - Makajama - MediaTomoe Sword
32Blue PhantomMetaNeutral-Chaos310Rs: all1Agilao - Maragi - ShibabooSoma
32Red PhantomMetaNeutral-Law320Rs: all1Zanma - Mazan - DiaramaSoma
Rs: all
Rs: all
Zionga - Rakukaja - Might
Makajama - Tarukaja - Media
Goki Claw (Visionary)
  • Boss name is highlighted in red background.